A Personalized Journey to Academic Excellence

In order to educate, it is essential to know those who are to be educated. - Maria Montessori
For 19 years Granite Bay Montessori has offered a unique journey from Preschool to High School readiness for young learners. Our unique approach gives your child the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential.
Our personalized education plan helps each child to flourish academically, socially and emotionally. Children build strong academic foundations, explore interests, and build loving and meaningful relationships with teachers and peers alike.
Our programs are taught by personable, caring and highly qualified Montessori credentialed teachers. We maintain an impressive 12:1 teacher to student ratio. The small class sizes allow teachers to closely monitor each child’s progress. Our curriculum exceeds the California State standards and includes many program extensions such as Spanish, art, music, physical education and an award winning science and technology program.
The journey at Granite Bay Montessori begins at the early age of three. Our warm and nurturing Children’s House Preschool encourages early learners. Our environment is rich with activities and hands-on materials that stimulate a thirst for knowledge.
The Elementary journey travels from kindergarten through the 8th. grade. Our program sets high academic standards with proven results for elementary-aged children. Age group blending in a warm, comfortable environment accomodates differences in emotional and educational maturity. While other programs are cutting back, Granite Bay Montessori is constantly adding new and challenging programs.
Please visit our park-like campus to learn more about Granite Bay Montessori!
If you would like to explore Granite Bay Montessori for your preschool or kindergarten child or would like to discuss a transfer of your older child into our elementary program, please call us at (916) 791-7849 or email us at office@gbmontessori.com.