The Journey Begins

Children’s House, our Montessori preschool program, provides a safe, warm and nurturing environment where children build independence, self-esteem and a love of learning.

Our credentialed Montessori teachers use stimulating, hands-on materials to spark your child’s imagination and introduce key learning concepts. children build independence and self-esteem through mastery of these materials.

Each area of our learning environment is carefully prepared to enable your child to progress naturally and at his/her own unique level and pace.

The preschool curriculum includes the following:


Preschool Practical Life

Practical Life

Practical life exercises develop task organization, a sense of order, coordination, concentration and motor skills. Social skills and independence are enhanced through care of self, care of the environment, grace and courtesy.



Sensorial materials offer an opportunity to order, classify, seriate and describe sensory impressions in relation to length, width, height, temperature, mass, shape, sound, taste, and color.



Language development is a fundamental part of our curriculum. Pre-reading and pre-writing opportunities help build a strong foundation for phonics, word building, reading and creative writing.



Mathematics are presented in a concrete, tangible manner, offering a solid understanding of one-to-one correspondence, ordering, sequencing, decimal system and geometry. This enhances abstract thinking and reasoning skills.

PreKindergarten Cultural


Cultural studies explore geography, zoology, history and botany. An emphasis on understanding and appreciating cultural differences and similarities help children connect with the global human community.

PreKindergarten Art

Art and Music

Art and Music age appropriate projects and songs expose children to master artists and classical composers. This cultivates creativity and self-expression.

Key features of our Children’s House program include:

  • Highly trained, certified Montessori teachers
  • Low student to teacher ratio (12:1)
  • Experienced, educated, loving support-staff
  • Half and full day programs
  • Before and after school daycare
  • Entertaining and educational Summer program
  • Stong emphasis on math and reading
  • Art, music, science, Spanish, sign-language
  • Strong sense of community and family involvement
  • Montessori introductory classes for parents
  • Healthy snacks
  • Priority entrance into our Elementary program